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Ronald Wilson Reagan High School
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Rubric For Grading

1‚Äč00 - All rhythms, notes, dynamics are correct and demonstrated with superb tone quality.
90 - 99 - Almost all rhythms, notes, dynamics are correct and demonstrated with superb tone quality.
80 - 89 - Most rhythms, notes, dynamics are correct with a few mistakes and/or tone quality is less mature.
70 - 79 -  Some rhythms, notes, dynamics are correct and/or tone quality is weak and unsupported.
60 - 69 - Many mistakes in rhythms, notes, dynamics or poor tone quality.
1 - 59 - Piece is unrecognizable due to above factors not being in place. 
0 - Test not performed.

How To Submit Pass-Offs

Pass-Offs can be submitted online or performed before or after school hours.  Some pass-offs (all of percussion ensemble) will be performed during class.  If you have trouble submitting a pass-off please see Mr. Johnston or Mr. Tysor.  Use the instructions below for how to record yourself perform.

All pass-offs should be emailed to rhsplayingtest@gmail.com.

Here are some helpful suggestions to help you perform at your best:
1.  Make sure you play your pass-off after you have had an opportunity to warm-up, but before you play too much.
2. Find a place you can perform without distractions such as other students playing, people talking loudly, or other general distractions.
3. Make sure you have a good device to record yourself.  Most cell phones do a great job.
4. Listen to your recording before you submit it.  Are you happy with the quality and does it showcase your best playing abilities?